Department of Commerce(Computer Applications)

About the Department

The Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) was started in 2007-08 with 30 students and 2 staff members. The department offers one UG Course – B.Com. (Computer Applications) and Ten Certificate courses namely, Accounting Practice, Computation of Income Tax, E- Commerce, Web Designing and E-Filing & XBRL, Internet applications, Photoshop, PHP and MYSQL, Computer Awareness for Competitive Exams and Soft skill and Personality Development. The department conducts Personality Development Programme for the students every week to develop soft skills among the students. The department is also publishing ‘ARISE’- a Quarterly E- Magazine for circulation among the staff and students through email. Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, Assistant Professor of Commerce, is the Coordinator. The Department has a well equipped library and computer lab with internet facility. The Department is also organising Workshops, Seminars and Guest Lectures on current developments in the subjects periodically. Factory visits and educational tours are arranged by the departments regularly to provide exposure and experience. Group Discussion, Newspaper Reading Forum, ICT in Commerce Education, Commerce Quality Circle, etc. are salient features of the department. Real time Software Projects are done by the final year students.

Goals & Objectives:

To provide basic understanding about Commerce and Computer Applications.

The specialization subjects are of Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Computer Language, Software and Software application in the Commerce.

To provide a sound intellectual base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed.

To make the student familiar with the mechanism of conducting business dealings through electronic media.


To achieve excellence in commerce education with computer applications to meet the global challenges.


To prepare students with academic excellence and professional and computer skills in commerce to face global challenges.

✔ To prepare the students to become Software Professionals with Strong understanding in the Fundamentals of accounting and computer knowledge.

✔ To promote entrepreneurial skills with ethical and social values for better employability at global level.

✔ To develop the personality and communication skill of the students and to make them excel in corporate knowledge and fulfil the expectations of the financial sectors.

✔ To create young Leaders with global outlook in, consonance with liberalized, Economic Scenario.

✔ To strengthening the attitudes and soft skills, industry interaction of the students.


Nature of Class Number Nature of Infrastructure Facility
Smart Class Room 1 ICT Enabled  Room
  1. White Board
  2. LCD Screen with Projector
  3. Desktop Computer
  4. High Bandwidth Internet
  5. Audio System

UG Programme Offered

B.Com(Computer Applications) – 3 Years

Certificate Courses Offered – 30 Hours

1. E-Commerce

2. Accounting Practice

3. Computation of Income-Tax

4. E-Filling and XBRL

5. Web Designing

6. Photoshop

7. PHP with MYSQL

8. Computer Awareness for Competitive Examinations

9. Internet Applications

10. Soft skill and Personality Development


S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Dr. S. Chandrasekaran Assistant Professor & Coordinator
2 Sri. R. Karthikeyan Assistant Professor
3 Dr. M. Mohan Assistant Professor
4 Dr. M. Premanantham Assistant Professor
5 Dr. P. Murugan Assistant Professor
6 Dr. R. Mohanraj Assistant Professor


S.No Name & Designation Publications Conference /Seminar / FDP Workshop/Course
1 Sri.R.Karthikeyan
Assistant Professor
Click Here Click Here Click Here
2 Dr. M. Mohan
Assistant Professor
Click Here Click Here Click Here
3 Dr. M. Premanantham
Assistant Professor
Click Here Publication
Click Here
4 Dr. P. Murugan
Assistant Professor
Click Here Publication
Click Here
5 Dr. R. Mohan Raj
Assistant Professor
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Online Course

Library Book Details

S.No Book Title
No.of Books
1 Tally 14
2 Mathematics 8
3 Ms Office 12
4 Statistical Method 17
5 Cost Accounting 14
6 Data Base 6
7 Accountancy 31
8 Banking 18
9 Management Accounting 13
10 Programming in ANSI C 39
11 Dictionary 10
12 Fundamentals Computer Books 66
13 Taxation 12
14 Business Economics 7
15 Business Communication 66
16 Competitive Exams 79
Total 412


Please click on the below links to view the syllabus
Academic Batch Syllabus
2015 – 18
2016 – 19
2017 – 20
2018 – 21
2019 – 22
2020 – 23
2021 – 24
2022 – 25
Results of End Semester Examinations of Final Year B.Com (Computer Applications) Details


Academic Year Month and Year No. students Appeared No. students Passed Percentage of Pass
2012 -15 April 2015 43 39 90.70
2013 -16 April 2016 35 30 85.71
2014 -17 April 2017 33 29 87.88
2015 -18 April 2018 33 27 81.82
2016 -19 April 2019 29 28 96.55
2017 -20 April 2020 38 38 100
2018 – 21 April 2021 41 41 100
2019 – 22 April 2022 30 30 100
2020 – 223 April 2023 32 32 100


Commerce Association

Quiz Club

Software Development Club

Personality Development Association

Arise Magazine Club

Personality  Development Programmes Conducted

Sl.No. Academic Year Total No. of Programmes List of Programmes Conducted
1 2016-17 19 Click Here
2 2017-18 17 Click Here
3 2018-19 9 Click Here
4 2019-20 13 Click Here
5 2020-21 01 Click Here
6 2021-22 22 Click Here
7 2022-23 10 (Odd Semester) Click Here

Extension Activities

Public Awareness Programmme on Banking and Financial Schemes.

Handling Computer Subjects to the near by Government Girls School, Sholavandhan.

Placement Details

Please click on the links below to view the year wise selected student list.

S.No. Academic Year Details
1 2010 – 11 Click Here
2 2011 – 12 Click Here
3 2012 – 13 Click Here
4 2013 – 14 Click Here
5 2014 – 15 Click Here
6 2015 – 16 Click Here
7 2016 – 17 Click Here
8 2017 – 18 Click Here
9 2018 – 19 Click Here

Details of Memorandum of Understanding Signed and Activities Conducted

S.No. Date of Signing MoU Name of the Organization MoUs Activities Conducted
1 12-02-2021 Motilal Oswal Securities is a group company of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, Madurai. Click Here MoU Signing Ceremony
2 30-07-2021 WiseTech Source PVT. Ltd, Guindy, Chennai. Click Here Online Webinar on “The New Language Know as 2K Skills”
3 12-08-2021 Aakkam Industrial Training and Research Institute, Coimbatore – 625402 Click Here An Overview of Popular Indian Accounting Software – Tally Prime
4 24-09-2021 Elysium Academy Private Limited, Elysium Groups of Companies, Madurai. Click Here MoU Signing Ceremony

Details of Letter of Collaboration Signed and Activities Conducted

S.No. Date of Signing LoC Name of the Institution LoCs Activities Conducted
1 04-08-2021 Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Yadava College, Thiruppalai, Madurai. Click Here 1.National Level Webinar on Role of  “IOT in Indutries”
2.National Level Webinaron Introduction to “R Programming”
2 04-08-2021 Department of Commerce (Information Technology) Yadava College, Thiruppalai, Madurai. Click Here 1.National Level Webinar on “Digital Marketing” (Store without Store)
3 11-08-2021 Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) E.M.G. Yadava Women’s College, Madurai. Click Here 1.National Level Webinar on “Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age”

Innovative  Practices

ICT enabled teaching and learning

✔ Group Discussion Method

✔ Mini Projects

✔ Conduct Online Test

✔ Power Point Presentation

Best Practices

✔ Chalk and Board methods learning.

✔ Power Point Presentation and E-content materials.

✔ Audio-Visual aids (films and videos on subject related topics).

✔ Case Study Method of discussion.

✔ Group Discussion Method about current issues.

✔ Periodically Conduct Online Test.

✔ Conduct varies assessment methods to meet the needs of the students.

✔ Organize the Field visit / Industrial visit.

✔ Organize Educational Tour.

✔ Internship Training for personal development and skills of business.

✔ Provide teacher-supervised homework study hall, before- and after the college.

✔ Give volunteers to support students who are struggling or who are in need of special attention.

✔ Use open ended topics as often as possible to allow students to interject their own ideas.

✔ Personality Development Programmes to develop the leadership qualities.

✔ Arrange the guest lecture Programme with eminent personalities.

✔ Strengthen the earn while you learn schemes.

✔ Organise the Awareness Programmes about the new schemes of central and state Government.

✔ Sign more MoUs with Corporate, Professional Bodies, Research Institutions and Entrepreneurs to exchange their novel ideas.

✔ Make good placement to the needy students.

✔ Provide the Career guidance and counselling to the students.

✔ Regularly conduct the national / seminars/ workshops in current issues and needs.

Consultancy Services

Vilimin Agarpathigal Store

✔ Arise DTP Centre

Future Plans of the Department

  • The option of Doing Master of Business Administration
  • Way opens to become a Software Developer, Web Designer, Database Administrator.
  • Plan to produce Software Consultant, Technical Writer and System Analyst.
  • Way Opens up to Become a Chartered Accountant.
  • Company Secretary is a Promising Career Choice for Commerce Graduate.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Holds Many Promises for Growth.
  • Future Demand Numerous for Certified Management Accountant.
  • Provide the viable consultancy and create young entrepreneurs as nation builders.
  • Promote the employability skills to fulfill the corporate and social expectations.
  • Being the Research Centre producing more Ph.Ds. in the coming years and explore the excellence in research to policy making.
  • To conduct more funded National / International Conferences / Seminars/Workshops in current issues and needs.
  • To add new age courses to the PG Programmes to magnetize more students.
  • To strengthen institution-industry interaction with more MoUs to understand the corporate practice.
  • Update the syllabus based on the corporate expectations and Government policy.

Notable Alumni Details

S.No Name Batch Position
1 S.  Saravanakumar
2014 – 17 Indian Army
2 P. S. Ajith Kumar
2014 – 17 Indian Army
3 B. Shanmugaraj 2014 – 17 Police
4 S. Balaji
2014 – 17 Indian Army
5 S. Gopikrishnan
2013 – 16 Supervisor,Larsen & Toubro Limited,Chennai.
6 A. Arjunan
2013 – 16 Accounts and Admin Officer in
Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Kerala.
Students Strength Particulars
S.No. Year of Admission Strength (UG) Details
1 2009 40 Click Here
2 2010 33 Click Here
3 2011 37 Click Here
4 2012 45 Click Here
5 2013 36 Click Here
6 2014 34 Click Here
7 2015 34 Click Here
8 2016 29 Click Here
9 2017 45 Click Here
10 2018 43 Click Here
11 2019 30 Click Here
12 2020 36 Click Here
13 2021 39 Click Here
14 2022 42 Click Here
Roll of Honour Particulars
S.No. Year Name (UG) Marks(%)
1 2010 R. Vinothkumar 75
2 2011 V. Rajeshkumar 77
3 2012 M. Muthumanikandan 74
4 2013 D. Esudass 74
5 2014 P. Karthik 72
6 2015 R. Arulmurugan 75
7 2016 A. Arjun 80
8 2017 M. Suryaprakash 83
9 2018 P. G. Rajeshkumar 75
10 2019 M. Dineshkumar 77
11 2020 S. Arun Kumar 80
12 2021 S. Dinesh Kumar 83
13 2022 M. Dinakaran 86
14 2023 S. Deja Chandru 84

Student Projects

As part of the B.Com.(CA) Curriculum, the students will have to do a computer project for a period of six months under the guidance of a supervisor in the following areas. A report must be submitted to the department and a viva voce examination will be conducted jointly by the course teacher and the external examiner for 100 marks.

✔  Visual Basic
✔  Web Designing
✔  Oracle
✔  Java Programming
✔  Word Press
✔  Android

Please click on the below links to view the Previous Year Final Year Student Projects .

Internship Training

As a part of the curriculum of the B.Com (CA) Programme, the students will have a training programme with the auditors / Company / Industry for a period of thirty days at the end of the second semester during summer vacation. They will take professional training from the auditors / Company / Industry at the nearest place of their residence. The auditors will be fixed from the panel of auditors maintained by the department. The course teacher, after getting concurrence from the auditors/ Company / Industry,will assign the auditors to the students according to the area of their residence.After completing their training for the period of thirty days, the viva-voce examination will be held for them at the beginning of the second semester. At the time of viva-voce examination, the students shall submit the certificate of attendance obtained from the auditors/ Company / Industry. In case of deficiency in the period of attendance, the students will not be permitted to attend the viva-voce examination. The shortage of attendance shall be compensated during the semester holidays of the subsequent semester.

Please click on the below links to view the Student Internship Training  details .



S.No Date Division of Event Title of the Event Photos
29 -09-2018 & 03-10-2018
Inter-Department Programme
Inter-Collegiate Meet
Two Days workshop on Networking
Orientation Programme on Personal Courses CA, CMS & CS
Click Here
Click Here
Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Organises First Virtual “Alumni Meet 2021” on 31.07.2021
Letter of Collaboration Between Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Vivekananda College, Madurai & Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Yadava College, Thiruppalai, Madurai Jointly organizes National Level Webinar on “Role of IoT in Industries" on 7th October 2021 (Thursday).
Letter of Collaboration Between Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Vivekananda College, Madurai & Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Yadava College, Thiruppalai, Madurai Jointly organizes National Level Webinar on “Introduction to R programming” on 8th October 2021 (Friday).
Post Graduate and Research Department of Commerce & Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Jointly organise National Level Webinar on "Search Yourself" on 16th October 2021 (Saturday).
Letter of Collaboration Between Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Vivekananda College, Tiruvedakam West & Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) E.M.G. Yadava Women’s College, Madurai Jointly organises National Level Webinar on "Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age" 25th October 2021 (Monday).
Post Graduate and Research Department of Commerce & Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) Jointly Celebrate Online "Youth’s Symposium National Youth Day (Online)" 12th January 2022 (Wednesday).
Department of Commerce (Computer Applications) organized Inter-Collegiate Meet "CCA MEET 2022" 6th May 2022 (Friday).