Research Facilities:

Sanskrit Lab :

✔ More than 150 charts depicting the advancement of Science and Technology in Ancient India with proper authoritative quotations from Sanskrit works are the good resources to have a first hand knowledge about our Ancient Indian Wisdom. The charts are displayed in the Library.

English Language Lab:

✔ We have a number of Audio Cassettes produced by the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad and

audio cassettes and Video CDs produced by the Regional Institute of English, Bangalore.

 We prepare our own Video CDs of Group Discussions which we play often to students.

✔ English Language Lab constructed at the cost of Rs.2,12,550 functions during class hours, before and after class hours, during

morning and evening study hours to improve the communicative skills of students.

✔ Smart Class Rooms are provided in the Dept. of Chemistry, Zoology and Commerce where all ICT facilities are available for a

better Teaching Learning process.

Chemistry Lab:

✔ Sri. N.S.V Chithan, Member of Parliament, Dindigul Local Constituency has sanctioned Rs.25 Lakhs for the construction of a Research Lab to the Chemistry Department.

✔ The Department has bought a UV-visible Spectrophotometer at the cost of Rs.4 Lakhs under the aegis of Science Instrumentation Centre of the college to continue the research and project works. The infrastructure for the Instrumentation Centre has been developed at the cost of Rs.2 Lakhs.

✔A programmable hot air oven (Thermocon) for Solvothermal Synthesis has been added to the existing research facilities at the cost of Rs.2 Lakhs.

✔ Two number of Buchi Roto Evaporators (Models R3&R210 with Vacuum Pump) have been imported from Switzerland for the Synthetic works at the cost of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs .
✔ A high quality water purifier (distilled water plant) has been inducted.

Physics Lab:

✔Purchased a 2KVA Honda Generator.

✔ Purchased LASER based experiment kits worth Rs.50000/- to perform Fiber Optics experiments, LASER diode experiments to study Photo diode / Transistor characteristics.

✔ Designed component development systems for the purpose of doing experiments, based on Network Theorems
✔ Purchased Working Models in Physics ( A.C & D.C Dynamo, Solar systems, Van de Graff Generator, Wave machine, Rain gauge and Anemometer).

✔ Our Alumni have donated an LCD Projector worth of Rs. 45,000 to Physics Department.
Zoology Lab:

✔ The Department has bought Master Cycler Machine for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) at the cost of Rs. 1,92,308- for doing Biotechnology experiments.
✔ Purchased Tran illuminator at the cost of Rs. 28,548/-
✔ Purchased Deep Freezer at the cost of Rs. 29,488/-
✔ Purchased Electrophoresis at the cost of Rs. 11, 232/-

Science Instrumentation and Research Centre has been constructed during 2008-2009 at the cost of Rs. 36, 92,952 the lion’s share of which to a tune of Rs.25 lakhs was donated by Sri. N.S.V. Chittan, MP, Dindigul Constituency from his MP fund and the remaining Rs.11, 92,952 was borne by the magnanimous management. It is fully equipped with modern scientific instruments and it sharpens the scientific and research acumen of teachers and students.

✔ Science Instrumentation and Research Centre with UV-visible spectrophotometer (JASCO–V-530), Two Digital electronic single pan balances (Total Cost of Rs. One lakh) (SHIMADZU) and Spectrofluorimeter (JASCO FP-6200)

✔ (Rs.6.5 lakhs) enable science teachers and students to pursue their research in the campus itself for research works.

✔ One Dr. P. Veluchamy an alumnus, working in US (First Solar Company) has donated a CYCLICVOLTAMMETER (Electrochemical Work Station) worth of Rs.6.5 Lakhs to the development of the Research Activities in the Chemistry Department. This instrument is functioning.

Economics Lab:

✔ Sri. P. Ramalingam, the Head of the Department has donated a computer as a token of his love. In-addition to that the Management has provided a computer.

✔ Malkam Aadhiseshya Research Institute in Economics, Adayar, Chennai, recognizing the Department’s contribution to the welfare of the rural students, the major percentage of whom hails from first generation college goers family, has donated an LCD. They have also contributed Rs.5,000 for the purchase of books and journals.

Computer Science Lab:   

✔ The Management of our college has contributed Rs. 4,68,200/- towards the expansion of computer laboratory with the purchase of 30 new computers for the Department of Computer Science.

✔ The Common Internet Lab has 41 computers. Internet facilities with a speed of 512 kbps through BSNL Broadband connected to 40 terminals and 6 terminals in the library are available for easy access by students, researchers and staff.