Department of  Applied Indian  Philosophy

The Department of Applied Indian Philosophy was established in June 2008. The department had offered One P.G. Degree and two Diploma courses. Students are enrolled for courses regularly.

The Management is magnanimous enough to provide free boarding and lodging for all the     students who join this course. They have a congenial atmosphere to develop their physical, spiritual and intellectual nature in them, because they stay in the Ashram itself along with Sanyasins. They are given opportunities to serve these Sanyasins who are the roll model for their future life.

Qualified faculty members and Sanyasins from ashram involve in the academic progress of the students. As this students stay in the Ashram itself they can interact with sanyasins to clarify their doubts regarding spiritual uplift.

Adequate infrastructure like well built class room, good library with reading room, ICT facilities are available in the department for developing their subject knowledge where ever available in this world through e books. Satsang – attending spiritual discourses in  ashram with inmates conducted by swamijis regularly. A good life training is offered to the students who can make their future bright.

Apart from teaching the faculty members of the department has contributed to the administration of the institution, Dr.C.R.Anantharaman served as Dean and Controller of  Examinations during the academic year of 1996-1999 and IQAC Co-ordinator during the academic year 2003-2008.


✔ The department of Applied Indian Philosophy  is entrusted with the commitment of imparting the basic aspects of  Different School of  Thoughts – on the basis to Indian Philosophy to the budding youths who can acquire for higher education and with the task of  Man- Making, Character Building, Life – Building.


The main aim is to enable the Students to analyze and synthesize the developments in the philosophical thinking and system building in India pertaining to the classical and contemporary times.

The modules in this course cover a variety of topics including the philosophical heritage of ancient India, the systems of thought and their practical applications in the contemporary socio-economic and cultural context of modern India.

Goals & Objectives:

✔ To acquire the knowledge of One self
✔ To apply the knowledge of Philosophy for enhancement of speaking and writing skills.
✔ To create the acquired philosophical skill.
✔ To make Philosophy learning effective and resultant job prospects.

a) Executive Officers (EO s) in HR&CE, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
b) Yoga Instructors
c) Religious instructors in Corporate, Defence and Central government organisations
d) Professional Spiritual Preachers
e) Tourist Guides, Temple priests and Brahmacarins in Holy Mutts
f)To motivate them to improve their analytical skills and reference skills in Philosophy

The following free courses are offered in the department.

1. M.A. Applied Indian Philosophy ( 2007- 2008 onwards )

Board of Studies – University Nominee (from 09-06-2021 to 08-06-2023)

Dr. S. Venkatachalam

Assistant Professor

Department of Gandhian Studies and Ramalinga Philosophy

Madurai Kamaraj University

Madurai – 625 021