Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry

About the Department

The under graduate Department of Chemistry was started in the year 1981 and elevated as Postgraduate department in the year 2003. From the year 2005 the department has become a full fledged research centre as approved by the Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. The department glorified its ventures by conducting 25 MTCs (Modern Trends in Chemistry) seminars /symposia, from 1993. In addition to the teaching activities, the department is known for its research works in thrust areas like Green Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Corrosion Science and Photochemistry. There are four major and one minor research projects have completed one funded by CSIR and the other four supported by UGC.


To prepare the students of chemistry in such a way that they are self-reliant, highly informative and a better candidate in the demanding and ever changing world.

To prepare the knowledgeable graduates for careers in academia, industry and government.


To foster robust degree programme that prepare students for advanced studies in chemistry and careers in chemical industry.

✔ To encourage students to face IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET, GATE, SET and other competitive examinations.

✔ To invite scientists from National/International laboratories for lectures of global standard.

✔ To function as a vibrant and high quality research centre by supporting the faculty involved in such pursuits.

1. To provide students with sound knowledge in fundamental concepts and modern trends of chemistry.

2. To foster sound degree programme that prepare students for advanced studies in chemistry, careers in chemical industry and provide strong foundation in chemical science.

3. To give training to acquire an ability to think rationally and to apply the knowledge of chemistry in making judgements and solving problems.

1. Apply the principles of sub-fields of chemistry namely organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, experimental chemistry and instrument methods of analysis.

2. To foster sound degree programme that prepare students for advanced studies in chemistry, careers in chemical industry and provide strong foundation in chemical science.

2. Develop curiosity and interest in chemistry.

3. Student should become aware of the social, economic, environmental and technological implications of chemistry and show concern for environment and society.

4. Develop an appreciation of chemistry and its applications in daily life.

Courses Offered
B.Sc., Chemistry


B.Sc., Chemistry


Ph.D., Chemistry (Full Time / Part Time)

Certificate Courses

1. Food Adulteration

2. Preparation of Household Things


S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Sri. B. Servaramuthu Assistant Professor & Head
2 Dr. A. Kannan Assistant Professor
3 Dr. M. Ganapathy Assistant Professor
4 Dr. G. Rajkumar Assistant Professor
Faculty (Management / Self Financing)
5 Sri. M. Raghu Assistant Professor
6 Dr.D.Tirupathi Assistant Professor
7 Dr.G.Balakrishnan Assistant Professor
8 Sri. A.Dharmanandam Assistant Professor
9 Dr. S.Ellairaja Assistant Professor


Sl.No Book Name Branch Number of Books
1 Inorganic Chemistry 437
2 Organic Chemistry 550
3 Physical Chemistry 750
4 General Chemistry 850
TOTAL 2587
Board of Studies – University Nominee (from 09-06-2021 to 08-06-2023)
Dr. P. Suresh

Assistant Professor

Department of Natural Products Chemistry

Madurai Kamaraj University

Madurai – 625 021

Association / Club

Chemistry Association

Seminars / Conferences:
International Conference on Modern Trends in Chemistry (MTC-25) on 23rd February 2018, Friday.

Innovative Practices

ICT enabled teaching and learning

Interactive science journals

Best Practices

Lecture practice, Thought ful questions, Active learning, Field visit/Industrial visit,Class room discussion, Library forum Test & Assignment cooperative learning, homework& practice high order thinking.

Consultancy Services

Sample Analysis

Future Plans of the Department

To elevate the department as the centre of excellence.

To train the students for CSIR-NET, GATE and SET examinations.

To have collaborative works with other Institutions.

To apply for Minor and Major research projects

To conduct awareness programmes for School Students, Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Farmers.