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About the Department

“Sanskrit is majestic, sweet and sublime to hear” said by Swami Chidbhavananda in his book “Indian National Education”. Following the dictum of our founder swami Chidbhavananda, Department of Sanskrit was started in this college during the year 1977-78. Sanskrit as an alternative language was introduced under Part –I for I & II year degree classes from 1977-78 on wards. Imparting the knowledge of Sanskrit to computer science students and also how Sanskrit studies help them in programming level is also taught from 1994-95 on wards. This is an additional feature of this department.


✔ To inculcate the ancient Indian tradition and culture through the process of understanding and learning the classical language -Sanskrit.


✔ To develop the skill of understanding the Sanskrit language right from the beginning and in due course to unravel the secrets of ancient Indian wisdom by understanding the literature which are almost written in Sanskrit Language.


✔ To impart Sanskrit to the students those who didn’t read Sanskrit at school level.


✔ To Familiarize Sanskrit (DevanāgarῙ) script.

✔ To teach the certain aspects of history of early Sanskrit Literature.

✔ To develop the culture and traditional values of human life through two ancient works Rāmāyaṅa and Mahābhārata.

✔ To Channelize students’ attitude and behavior towards moral and ethical way of life by teaching Vedas and Upanisads.

✔ To encourage student’s creativity through teaching poetical compositions.

✔ To develop communicative skill through Sanskrit Language.

UG – Part – I – Sanskrit

1. I & II year B.A./ B.Sc.
NME (Non Major Elective) for I. B.Sc. Computer Science

Retired Faculty
S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Dr. S. Sridhar Swaminathan
Assistant Professor & Head
Board of Studies – University Nominee (from 09-06-2021 to 08-06-2023)

Dr. P. P. Sudarsan

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sanskrit

Madurai Kamaraj University

Madurai – 625 021.

Department Library

✔ 200 books on various branches of Sanskrit (Grammar, Rhetorics, Epics, Purāṇas, Kāvyas, Logic, etc.)

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Seminars / Workshops / Organized

✔ Along with the Department of Applied Indian Philosophy and Department of History, a Guest lecture on the topic “Scientific wisdom in Sanskrit Literature” was conducted on 24/08/2018.

✔ Dr. P.P. Sudarsan M.A. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sanskrit, School of Indian Languages, Madurai Kamaraj University , delivered lecture on the above mentioned topic.

✔ Spoken Sanskrit and Bhagavadgita Camps.