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About the Department

Mathematics was taught as a subject in Pre–university classes from 1971 onwards – that was the year the college started functioning. Mathematics as an Ancillary subject was offered from the inception of B.Sc. Physics degree that is from the year 1973-74. From 1980-81 onwards B.Sc Degree in Mathematics major was offered and so Mathematics department became a full-fledged one. The college became autonomous in June 1987. So the department had freedom to chart its own course. Syllabus was framed in 1987 and updated periodically to cater to the career needs of the students. But while framing and updating the syllabus, Mathematics department has always kept in mind the main stake holders are rural students. So, fundamental Mathematics was always a part of the syllabus. When the need arose Computer oriented papers, Competitive mathematics, Operations research, Vedic mathematics, Value education, Environmental science etc. were also incorporated in the syllabus.
The department also did not fall back in repaying its social obligations. Our students, guided by the department teachers, become resource persons to teach mathematical concepts, Vedic maths, yoga etc. to the school students. Learning becomes easier by laboratory activities and by building mathematical models. Our student’s practice this and their innovations are exhibited and explained in the three day Mathematics Exhibition for Rural Masses conducted once in 2 years. Our students are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in all the college endeavors and activities like NSS, NCC, controlling the public during functions and festival times, election duties, temple cleanliness etc.


To raise a battalion of Mathematics graduates equipped with logical thinking & tender heart to serve our motherland as potential leaders in the manifold spheres of national effort.


Enriching the mental, emotional & intellectual facets of Mathematics students to cope up with any career that they choose & to strive to attain perfection in life.

Students should appreciate the beauty, fun, and power of mathematics, and be able to articulate what mathematics is about and what mathematicians do.

Students should be able to link applications and theory, and be able to apply mathematics in a variety of settings.

Students should develop effective thinking and communication skills.

Students should be able to use technological tools appropriately and effectively.

Students should strive to be good citizens who understand the impact of their work on society.


To develop the students’ mental faculty to appreciate & enjoy the logical reasoning & hidden connections while learning Mathematics.

To provide ample opportunities to excel in learning Mathematics so that he can shine brightly in higher education, research or career that he chooses.

To encourage & provide ample opportunities to the Mathematics students to disseminate his Mathematical knowledge to the younger & tender students community in rural areas.

To provide ample mathematically – oriented activities to the students to inculcate spiritual, ethical, moral & social values so that his Hand, Heart & Head functions interconnected & harmoniously.

“In short, to provide society, citizens of sterling character with sharp intellect”.

UG Programme Offered


Certificate Courses Offered

1.Competitive Mathematics

2.Quantitative Aptitude

3.Mathematics for Higher Studies

Research Programme Offered

Ph.D- Mathematics (Part Time)

Retired Faculty
S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Dr. G. Sanjeevi Head (i/c) & Associate Professor,
Dean & Controller of Examinations
2 Dr. C. Rajan Assistant Professor
Management / Self Financing
3 Sri. M. Nagaraj Assistant Professor
4 Sri C. Velmurugan Assistant Professor
5 Dr. R. Kalaivanan Assistant Professor

The Department has a separate library facility with rich collections of nearby 2886 text books and reference books to support the educational need of students and faculty members. Every year a good number of books are added in the stock. Efforts are made to update the library and make it more users friendly.

Library Book Details

S.No Book Name No.of Books
1 Algebra and Trigonometry 2
2 Algebra 313
3 Trigonometry 34
4 Calculus 178
5 Vector Calculus 12
6 Differential Equation 68
7 Numerical Method 36
8 Programming in C 16
9 Programming in C++ 2
10 Dynamics 64
11 Statistics 78
12 Modern Algebra 67
13 Modern Analysis 9
14 Statics 52
15 Operations Research 54
16 Quantitative Aptitude 16
17 Complex Analysis 42
18 Group Theory 56
19 Linear Algebra 50
20 Integral Calculus 37
20 General Mathematics Book 1700
Total 2886
Board of Studies – University Nominee (from 09-06-2021 to 08-06-2023)
Dr. B. Sivakumar

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

School of Mathematics

Madurai Kamaraj University

Madurai – 625 021

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Our Mathematics department conducts Mathematics Association (Math-E-Club) meetings on every Thursday. The staff and the students give lectures on the life and contributions of many eminent mathematicians. Various competitions are also held. journal.

Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences/ Symposiums Organized:

Our former H.O.D Prof. P. Muthukumaran authored a book by name “GANITHA VARALAARU”. This book was released in a jubilant function celebrated in our department on 8thJuly 2016.

The Department of Mathematics conducted a two day National Level Seminar on Vedic Mathematics on 19th and 20th December 2017.

Conducting Vedic Mathematics Class for school students during College Vocational period by our Department Students.
S.No. Name Name of the School Academic Year
1 K. Kathiresan
S. Pradeep
E. Eswaran
R. SivaSupramani
S. Mani Bharath
Govt. High School Kaduppatti 2017-2018
2 U. Naveenkumar
Kshatriya Nadar Matriculation School 2018-2019
3 S. Jaivignesh
Govt. Kallar Hr.sec.schooll Checkanurani.
4 M. Jaikrishnan
Govt. High School Mattaparai
5 S.V. Laksminarayanan
Eswara Vilas Primary School,Emaneswaram.
6 S. Jaivignesh
S. Vellaichamy Nadar College, Madurai.
Conducting Class for School students by our Department Staff.
S.No. Name Name of the School Academic Year
1 M.Nagaraj, Assistant Professor
Girls Hr Sec. School Sholavandan 2019-2020
2 C.Velmurugan, Assistant Professor
Girls Hr Sec. School Sholavandan 2019-2020
3 M.Nagaraj, Assistant Professor
Vivekananda Mr. Hr. Sec. School Sholavandan 2021-2022

Placement & Job Opportunities

L & T is a Major Employment provider. Mathematics Students gain a Lion’s share in L & T Campus selection. Mathematics Students were successful in Out campus programme also.

In the Academic year 2016-2017, there are two students of mathematics has selected the post of solider of Indian Army.

Details of MoUs Signed

S.No. Date of Signing MoU Name of the Organization MoU/LoC
1 04.02.2020 Government High School,Kadupatti Click Here
2 04.02.2020 Government Higher Secondary School,Mullipallam Click Here

Details of LoCs Signed

S.No. Date of Signing LoCs Name of the Organization LoCs Activities Conducted
1 03.02.2021 Department of Mathematics,Yadhava College, Tiruppalai,Madurai -625014 Click Here
2 23.02.2021 Department of Mathematics,Sourashtra College,Pasumalai- 625004 Click Here
3 23.02.2021 Department of Mathematics,Mangayarkarasi College of Arts and Science for women,Paravai, Madurai – 625402 Click Here

Future Plan
To Introduce PG Programme and Start Research center of Mathematics.
To publish more papers in SCI-indexed journals.
To starting own academic journal.
To procure latest Mathematics books for the Departmental library.
To conduct an National/International conferences/Seminars/Workshops.
To conduct more Faculty development programs.
To organize more guest lecturers for B.Sc students.
To get more funded projects from the government agencies.
To increase the employability of the students by offering more training in soft-skills.
To start coaching for Entrance Examination of IIT-JAM, GATE oriented courses.
To help the students become future educationalists by training them for CTET and TET examination.
To conduct socially relevant programmes in nearby schools.