Enlightenment and ignorance are the two aspects of human psyche. They both cannot coexist. Enlightenment manifests in serenity, self-dedication and sense sublimation. The latter is at the root of anguish, self-assertion and sense–indulgence. He is enlightened, who is of sterling character. The one of character is unselfish and lives only for others. One’s character lies in one’s capacity for self-denial and self-sacrifice.

The Gurukula system of training is a humble and systematic attempt in reviving the age old “GURU GRIHA VASA” for wholesome education. Students who willingly submit to the training here are sure to shine both academically and socially. Character building and life-training have been the ideal of our Gurukula. It is man making education that is imparted in this institution. Culture, Character and Curriculum are the three facets of ideal education that make a man a better man. Attention to physical culture, devotion to duty, obedience to teachers, hospitality to guests, zest for life, love for the nation and above all, humility and faith in the presence of God etc., are the values sought to be inculcated. All steps are taken to ensure the required atmosphere for the ideal life-training.