Department of English

The Department of English:

✔ Was founded in June 1971, and since then it has been imparting English as Part II language (L2) to the students of B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc., courses.

✔ Has rich collection of more than 1800 books and a few journals on English Literature, Language and Linguistics, ELT and World Literatures in English.

✔ Has a language laboratory with High-Speed Internet, Software for English Communication Skills, and Smart TV to improve the English language proficiency of the learners.

✔ Offers two certificate courses each semester.

✔ Coordinates three days English Enrichment Camp ahead of the reopening of the college.

✔ Organizes Group Discussion Forum on every Thursday for the volunteer- students of our college.

✔ Extends free English Grammar Coaching to neighbouring Government Boys and Girls Schools and its Welfare Schools from VI to X standard.

✔ Conducts Research, and updates advanced curriculum, new methodology and approach in the classroom, materials preparation, assessment of learning process, and stress on communication skills in accordance with UGC, Government of Tamil Nadu and the Gurukulam of our college.

Eminent Professors and Personalities formerly served for the enrichment of the department:

  • Dr.K.Subramaniam – Pro-Chancellor, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore.
  • Sri.R.Karmegam (now a Sanyasin) Established his own Ashram at Kasavanampatty, near Sempatty, Dindigul.
  • Sri.M.Purusothaman – Former Associate Professor of English
  • Dr.R.Ilango – Member-Syndicate, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
  • Sri.M.Jeyaramalingam (now a Sanyasin) Now President Swamiji, Ramakrishna Math, Salem, TN.
  • Sri. B.Ravibabu – Former Associate Professor of English
  • Sri.V.Hariharan – Former Associate Professor of English
  • Dr.B.Ramamoorthy – Principal, Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science, Madurai
  • Dr.N.Venkatasubbu – Senior Faculty Member, Department of English, Sri Sarada College for Women, Tirunelveli

They  offer valuable academic suggestions for the improvement of the teaching and administrative affairs of the department.


To execute the vision of the Department of Higher Education of the State and the Nation  in improving the Communicative Skills of Students in English.


✔ To confront the methods and approaches from eminent thinkers of English Language.

✔ To design advanced lesson plan of English as L2, and execute it.

✔ To sensitize the current status of Research in Teaching and Learning of English language.


Goals & Objectives:

✔ To impart the history, linguistic properties of English language. .

✔ To explain the role of Grammar for enhancement of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills.

✔ To utilize the enhanced LSRW skills in students’ social and professional spheres.

✔ To research world literature along with English language skills.

✔ To compete the world-class job market and career development.

✔ To motivate students’ to improve their analytical, creative, reference, and innovative skills.

✔ To realize the duties of students through Indian Literature and World Classic Literature with help of English.

UG – Part 2 –English Language LOCF

Certificate Courses Offered

  1. Academic & Research Writing in English
  2. Communicative Competence in English
  3. Drama, Stage and Theatre Performance
  4. Executive Communication in English
  5. Journalism & Mass Media
  6. Spoken English & Public Speaking



S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Dr. S. Bharathiraja Assistant Professor & Head(i/c)

Management / Self Financing

2 Dr. P. Saravanakumar Assistant Professor
3 Dr. S. Jothi Basu Assistant Professor
4 Sri. Gangeshwaran Raj Assistant Professor

Retired Faculty

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.K.Subrahmaniam Principal, Head, Department of English (Rtd)
2 Sri.R.Karmegam Lecturer,Department of English (Now a Sanyasin)
3 Sri.M.Purusothaman Lecturer,Department of English (Now a Sanyasin)
4 Dr.R.Ilango Vice Principal, Head, Department of English (Rtd)
5 Sri.M.Jeyaramalingam Lecturer,Department of English, (Now Swami Yadhatmananda, RKM)
6 Sri.B.Ravibabu  Lecturer,Department of English
7 Sri.V.Hariharan Head, Department of English (Rtd)
8 Dr.N.Venkatasubbu Head, Department of English (Rtd)
9 Dr.B.Ramamoorthy Principal, Head, Department of English (Rtd)

Library Book Details

S.No Book Name No.of Books
1 Complete Works of Shakespeare 32
2 Great Master of Classical and Renaissance Criticism 10
3 British and American Novels 14
4 Collections of Alexander Pope 03
5 Essay and Letter Books 25
6 Dictionaries 20
7 Foundation of Literary Criticism 17
9 English Literature In 21st Century 02
10 Books of Literacy 05
11 New Exploration in Recent Indian Women Novelist 04
12 New Trends of Contemporary Literature 19
13 Feminism and Recent Indian Literature 25
14 Voyages in English 26
15 An Introduction to Speech Communication 17
16 Books on Research 35
17 General Knowledge 35
18 Other literature Novels 57
19 Children story books 63
20 English for Career and Professional Development 25
Total 436
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Academic Batch Syllabus
2015 – 18
2016 – 19
2017 – 20
2018 – 21
2019 – 22
2020 – 23
2021 – 24
2022 – 25

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Academic Year Odd Semester
Even Semester
 CIA Examinations  CIA Examinations 
CIA Examinations  CIA Examinations
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Results of End Semester Examinations of Part 2 English

Academic Year Month and Year No. students Appeared No. students Passed Percentage of Pass
2015-16 April 2016 245 245 100 %
2016-17 April 2017 301 300 96.66 %
2017-18 April 2018 278 278 100 %
2018-19 April 2019 370 370 100 %
2019-20 April 2020 329 329 100 %
2020-21 April 2021 235 235 100 %
2021-22 April 2022 323 323 100 %

Results of End Semester Examinations of B.A.  English Literature

Academic Year No. students Appeared No. students Passed Percentage of Pass
2015-18 14 11 78.57 %
2016-19 9 9 100 %
2017-20 16 16 100 %

Association / Club

The English Theatre Club stages a moral and morality play/drama at Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi Day in February every year.

Innovative Practices:

1. Team Teaching
2. LSRW Skills in 4 Semesters
3. Group Discussion Forum
4. English Language Lab
5. Presentation class
6. Creative Thinking
7. Innovative Teaching and Learning Materials from TANSCHE

Best Practices:

✔ English Grammar Coaching to the students of Government High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools, and Govt. Welfare Schools under Community Service in and around the college.

✔ AIF Class.

✔ Daily Divine Digest explanation in English at the evening prayer, every day.

✔ Group Discussion Forum & Spoken English.

✔ English Enrichment Camp.

✔ Remedial Class.

✔ English Language Lab to all the Part-2 English Students.

Future Plans of the Department:

To have Smart Class Rooms for all Part-2 English classes.

✔ To establish UG, PG and Research Programme

Notable Alumni Details

S.No Name Batch Position
1 Gangeshwaran RAJ 2015-2018 Assistant Professor
Department of English,
Vivekananda College, Tiruvedakam West,
Madurai 625234.
2 R.Sivarajan 2015-2018 Ph.D Research Scholar in Madurai Kamaraj University.
3 S. Arun Thilak 2015-2018 Librarian, Head of the Department, Bharath Niketan Engineering college ,

Extension Activities

1. Free coaching is given on “English Grammar and Spoken English” to the students of Government Schools and Govt. Social Welfare Schools under Community Service in and around the college.

2. Group Discussion Forum & Spoken English

3. English Enrichment Camp.

4. Remedial Class.

5. English Language Lab to all the Part-2 English Students (First Year 300 +250 Second Year).

Conducting Class for School students by our Department Staff.
S.No. Name Name of the School Academic Year
1 Dr.S.Bharathiraja,
Assistant Professor & Head(i/c)
Department of English
Govt. Adi-Dravidan Welfare Hr.Sec School,
Nachikullam, Vadipattai.TK.
2 Dr.P.Saravanakumar,
Assistant Professor of English
Girls Hr Sec. School Sholavandan 2019-2020
3 Dr.S.Jothi Basu ,
Assistant Professor of English
Kallar Govt.Hr. Sec. School,