Semester Planner (Academic Plan & Daily Teaching) To be issued to HODs one day ahead of each semester
Feedback from Students On Graduation Day
Feedback from Parents On the day of Parents-Teachers meet
Semester wise Faculty Handling Subjects and Classes Submission by HOD to the Principal On or before
30th June for ODD Semester
30th June for ODD Semester
30th November for EVEN Semester
30th June for ODD Semester
Kaleidoscope - A Seminar on Common Topic
Annual Academic Audit and Stock Taking To be conducted in February and April respectively.
Evaluative Report From each unit annually as expected in NAAC.
Details for News Letter (IQAC NEWS)
Submission through HOD - On or before
3rd September for Issue - I
3rd December for Issue - II
3rd March for Issue – III
3rd June for Issue - IV
Newsletters sent to the Parents (Tamil) Every Month.