About the Cell

The college has a Counseling Cell to provide counseling to the students. The Students’ Counseling Cell of our college has conducted so many valuable and useful programmes for the benefit of our students. It is pleasing to see that our activities, programmes and counseling classes by eminent psychologists and seminars have done much good to the students to overcome their psychological problems, mental difficulties and personal problems. In order to ensure the psychological wellbeing of all students in the campus, various activities are conducted in each year.

Counsellors are effective helpers who are able to reach in as well as reach out. Students are helped to work through their problems by developing self-awareness and overcome problems by using new coping strategies. Attempts are made to understand the behavior without imposing value judgments. The counsellor makes every effort to be intellectually and affectively available to the client throughout the process.

In order to resolve day to day academic and personal problems of the students in the classroom and hostel, mentors are appointed for a batch of 20 students, and they will counsel the respective students once in a week in the Articulation and Idea Fixation (AIF) class, to solve the problems come across during their course of study.
This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the student. During the last semester of study students are advised for placement or higher studies or self-employment along with proper career guidance. Reasonable numbers of students have secured jobs, admissions for their higher studies and they in turn guide their juniors for their prospective admissions.

Students who require psychiatric help are referred to practising professional psychiatrists and therapists, along with their counselling sessions in college. Many students have benefitted from these sessions, as a result of which they are now able to handle their lives with improved self-esteem and confidence.

In addition to the above Dr.K.Chellapandian has been the student counselor of the college. Personal counseling is given to the needy students.

On 16th Sep-2014, (Thursday) the cell signed an MoU with M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation Madurai for providing expert counseling and support to the students of our college. Dr.C.Ramasubramanian, and Dr. Dr.S.Ganesh Kumar, Radianz Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd, M.S.Chellamuthu Trust & Research Foundation, 611. k.k.Nagar, Madurai provided effective counseling and medical treatment for the affected students. Read more


To promote the well-being of our students and empower them with life skills needed to face the challenges of this dynamic world.


To motivate the students to identify their inner strength which will enable them for their holistic development.


The objectives of the practice followed by the Institute are:
  • To provide guidance to the students on options available in the course of their study.
  • To identifying and developing students’ abilities and interests.
  • To help the students to solve their Personal, Educational and Psychological problems.
  • To develop positive attitude and behavior in order to meet challenges.
  • To create awareness among the students for their future Profession.
  • To provide information to the students on the scope and relevance on any area irrespective of their field of interest.
  • To recognize their strength and overcome the weaknesses.


Some of the extension activities of the Counselling Cell programme are:

  • Identify students who require help
  • Conduct counseling sessions
  • Refer students to experts for guidance and counselling
  • Organize lectures/seminars/workshops by experts and professionals
  • Offer certificate course in the topic of “Counselling and Life Skills”
  • Organise the rally in nearby village to promote Health and hygiene awareness
  • Visits to homes for the aged
  • Monitors the freshers by frequently visiting the sensitive areas within the campus and outside
    the campus through Anti-Ragging Committee
Academic Year  Report
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2 2014 – 15 Click Here
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Extension Activities

Sl.No. Year Name of the School Report
1 31.10.2014 Girls Hr.Sec.School, Sholavandan Click Here
2 05.11.2014 A.S.Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Sholavandan Click Here
3 05.11.2014 Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Mullipallam Click Here
4 06.11.2014 Govt Girls Hr.Sec.School,Vadipatti Click Here
5 20.11.2014 Govt Boys Hr.Sec.School,Vadipatti Click Here

Student Development Programme

Sl.No. Year Topic Report
1 05-07-2019 Life Coping Skills and Self-Discipline Click Here
2 14-12-2021 Mental Health and Well-Being Click Here

Faculty Development Programme – Attended

Sl.No. Year Name of the Faculty Report
1 25-09-2013 Dr.B.Ramamoorthy Click Here
2 11th – 16th Nov-2013 Dr.K.Chellapandian Click Here
3 4th – 5th August-2014 Dr.K.Chellapandian Click Here
4 6th – 12th August-2014 Sri K.Kamatchi Click Here
5 27-11-2014 Sri K.Kamatchi Click Here

Faculty Development Programme – Organised

Sl.No. Year Topic Report
1 16-09-2014 Naughty Students and Intelligent Teachers Click Here
2 16-09-2014 Stress Management Click Here
3 02-03-2015 Behaviour Management Click Here